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Sting Properties Needed to Help Fight Unlicensed Contracting

Undercover sting operations are one of the most effective tools CSLB has to catch unlicensed contractors. But, in order to conduct more operations CSLB needs people in the industry to allow us to use residential and/or commercial properties as sting sites.

Licensed contractors have long been one of CSLB's main sources to find properties - whether occupied or unoccupied - for the one - and two-day operations. It's hoped that more licensees will back CSLB's commitment to leveling the playing field for contractors who folow the rules and allow their properties to be used for a good cause.

The stings are conducted by CSLB's Statewide Investigative Fraud Team (SWIFT), with the assistance of state and local law enforcement agencies. Every year investigators arrest hundreds of unlicensed contractors through these undercover operations, which are staged unannounced year-round throughout the state.

To offer a property, or for more information, contact:

Northern California
(916) 255-2924

Central California
(559) 490-0580

Southern California
(562) 345-7600

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