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The Rules About Displaying Your License Number

CSLB investigators see it time and time again, a commercial vehicle with a contractor logo parked at a local hardware store, for example, but no sign of a contractor license number anywhere. This begs the question, is the person a licensed contractor?

CSLB wants you to know that the quick rule of thumb for any type of advertising is to always display your CSLB license number.

According to Business and Professions Code (BPC) §7029.6, your business name and contractor license number should be clearly visible on your vehicle in print type of at least 72-point font, or three-quarters of an inch in height and width.

Not that consumers are walking around measuring the side of your car, but give them an opportunity to see your license number so they can refer to it when looking to hire a contractor. This can help boost your business and also combat the underground economy.

For those contractors holding a C-36 Plumbing, C-45 Sign, or C-57 Well-Drilling license, the rules are a little different. Parameters outlined in BPC §7029.5 say that those licensed in these specified classifications must display their name, permanent business address, and contractor license number in letters and numerals not less than 1.5 inches high.

BPC §7029.5 requires that you include your license number in all construction contracts, sub-contracts, bids, and all forms of advertising. This includes business cards, fliers, and online ads.

Remember, displaying your license number gives you and your business credibility and shows that you have taken the proper steps to become licensed.

For more details on advertising, please refer to CSLB's advertising guidelines.

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