Summer 2018       |      David Fogt, Registrar      |      Edmund G. Brown Jr., Governor


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CLC Newsletter Summer 2018

Take Your Expertise Beyond the Construction Zone

CSLB has two programs available for licensees to use their expertise to give back to the state’s construction industry. One program involves the development of licensing exams; the other involves assisting CSLB’s Enforcement division.

In the first program, subject matter experts (SME) assist CSLB’s Testing unit develop new and improved test questions for license exams. To participate as a SME, you must be the qualifier for a license in good standing (i.e., current, active, and unrestricted).

CSLB maintains a SME database for each license classification. Qualified licensees who wish to be considered as a SME should contact CSLB's Testing unit through its recruitment line: (916) 255-3221.

In the other program, industry experts (IE) assist CSLB’s Enforcement division during the investigation of consumer complaints. IE’s provide their professional, unbiased opinion on the quality of work rendered on a project, if it meets industry standards, has been performed according to specifications, and meets contract terms and agreements. IEs also testify in criminal hearings, arbitration proceedings and administrative hearings, and submit written testimony for reports.

To participate as an IE or for more information, review CSLB’s Industry Expert publication or email
Contractors in both programs are paid for the work they do for CSLB.

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