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What You Should Know to Report Suspicious Contracting Activity

No one benefits from unlicensed contracting. That's why CSLB has an Enforcement division that focuses on unlicensed activity and welcomes tips from licensed contractors to help catch those illegally taking away work.

Your tips could lead to an unlicensed operator being invited to an undercover sting operation or help with the investigation of a consumer complaint.

Please note that it's important that you provide our Statewide Investigative Fraud Team (SWIFT) with complete and detailed information about the activity on an active job site and indicate if there are employees on the project. The more information and evidence (including photos), the better.

There are three types of forms that can be used to share information with CSLB:

  1. Lead Referral Form
  2. Advertising Complaints
  3. Building Permit Complaints
For Northern California Tips
To Leave Recorded Message:
(916) 255-2924
To Fax Tip Form:
(916) 369-7265
To Email Tip Form:

For Central California Tips
To Leave Recorded Message:
(559) 490-0580
To Fax Tip Form:
(559) 447-1492
To Email Tip Form:

For Southern California Tips
To Leave Recorded Message:
(562) 345-7600
To Fax Tip Form:
(562) 466-6065
To Email Tip Form:

PLEASE NOTE: Complaints are processed according to the date of receipt, priority, and staff availability if the job site is in a remote area. The complaint will be assigned to an Enforcement Representative who will follow-up on the information provided.

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