Fall 2014      |      Stephen P. Sands, Registrar      |      Edmund G. Brown Jr., Governor


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Sting Properties Needed – Help CSLB Catch Unlicensed Operators

Do you want to help stop your unlicensed competition from trying to steal potential customers? Then, sting 'em!

As licensees know, one of CSLB's most successful proactive programs for interrupting illegal contracting in the underground economy is through undercover sting operations carried out by its Statewide Investigative Fraud Team (SWIFT). SWIFT investigators pose as homeowners and invite people suspected of unlicensed activities to bid for residential or commercial projects.

CSLB is always in need of properties, anywhere in the state, where it can conduct a sting operation. Those who participate are paid for the use of their property. If you'd like to know more about the program or allow the use of your property for a one- or two-day operation, contact:

SWIFTNorth@cslb.ca.gov (Sacramento), 916.255.2924

SWIFTCentral@cslb.ca.gov (Fresno), 559.490-0580

SWIFTCentral@cslb.ca.gov (Norwalk), 562.345.7600

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