Fall 2014      |      Stephen P. Sands, Registrar      |      Edmund G. Brown Jr., Governor


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Quick Quiz

  1. True or False: A roof tear-off with no reroofing involved can only be performed by a C-39 Roofing contractor.
  2. Tree removal can only be performed by:
    1. A D-49 Tree Service contractor
    2. A C-27 Landscaping contractor if the tree is less than 15 feet tall
    3. Either a C-27 or D-49 contractor
  3. True or False: Home inspectors are not regulated by any agency.
  4. True or False: After a license application to CSLB has been posted (accepted for processing), the person who submitted it may remove a personnel member from the company listing.
  5. Companies that have home improvement salespersons:
    1. Must maintain workers' compensation insurance for the home improvement salesperson(s)
    2. Must maintain workers' compensation insurance only if they also have laborers working
    3. Do not need workers' compensation insurance policies
  6. True or False: All of the personnel associated with a limited liability company must match LLC records filed with the Secretary of State's office.

1, T;   2, C;   3, T;   4, F;   5, A;   6, T   

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