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CSLB and Louisiana Agree to License Reciprocity for "B" General Building Classification

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Adding to existing licensing agreements with Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, CSLB and the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors (LSLBC) have agreed to license reciprocity for the "B" General Building classification.

Licensed contractors in California can now apply for a trade exam waiver in Louisiana, and vice versa. If approved, reciprocity eases the process to get a "B" General Building license to work legally as a contractor in both states.

Contractors seeking to work in either California or Louisiana based on this reciprocity agreement must obtain the appropriate state license before bidding (unless it's a federal project), signing contracts, or performing work.

California Contractors Seeking a Louisiana License

A California licensed "B" General Building contractor who successfully applies for reciprocity in Louisiana will not need to take the Louisiana trade exam and will be exempt from the statutory 60-day waiting period between the date the application is received and when the license is issued. Applicants will still need to take and pass the Louisiana business and law exam, which can be taken remotely.

Licensed contractors who want to apply for reciprocity in Louisiana must be in good standing for the three years prior to applying and successfully meet all other Louisiana requirements for licensure. They must also complete an application using the same qualifier and submit the appropriate fees.

Applicants will also need to have CSLB complete a Request for Verification which will then be returned to the contractor for submission to the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors.

Louisiana Contractors Seeking a California License

Licensed General Building contractors who want to apply for reciprocity in California must have held an active license in good standing in Louisiana for five years prior to applying. They must also successfully complete and submit a CSLB Application for Original Contractor's License, including the Certification of Work Experience included in the application to verify the journey-level work experience for the previous five years. The contractor must also submit to CSLB a "Request for Verification of License" completed by the LSLBC.

A Louisiana licensed Residential Building or Commercial Building contractor who successfully applies for reciprocity in California will not need to take the California trade exam but will need to take and pass the California business and law exam, complete an application, submit all relevant fees, and meet all other licensure requirements related to workers' compensation and contractor bonds.

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