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Efficient and Effective: Online Forms and Applications Make it "Easy" for Contractors to File

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The online “easy-fill” forms that launched in 2017 were the first step CSLB took to upgrade its online system to fulfill many licensing needs. Since then CSLB has added a number of electronic forms and online processes for those applying for licensure and contractors making updates or changes to their licenses.

Applicants and licensees will be alerted if an error is made when entering information, such as when an answer conflicts with information previously entered, or if any of the required fields are left blank. In addition, reminders are provided about relevant forms that may need to be submitted.

Easy-Fill Forms:

Easy-fill forms should make completion easier and faster and reduce mistakes so that CSLB can process them efficiently.

These forms can be completed electronically and then must be printed, signed, and mailed to CSLB. Applications must also add their Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) before they are sent.

Electronic Forms

New forms that may be submitted electronically include:

Upon submission, the information will be updated in CSLB databases. Forms with future effective dates, which cannot exceed 30 days, will be held and the database updated on the policy’s effective date.

CSLB staff monitors the use of these interactive forms by applicants and licensees and uses that feedback to further enhance our online processes.

Helpful Resources:

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