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Recycle Unwanted Paint Easily and for Free

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Do you know how easy it is to dispose of your unused paint, primer, stains, sealers, and clear coatings in an environmentally responsible way?

PaintCare, a non-profit stewardship organization that runs paint recycling programs across the country, launched in California in 2012. Today, there are more than 725 convenient and free drop-off sites located throughout the state, mostly at paint and retail hardware stores. Nearly 99 percent of Californians live within 15 miles of a PaintCare drop-off location, and businesses and residents alike are encouraged to drop-off their unwanted paint.

Painting contractors, property managers, and others with large amounts of unwanted paint can also enjoy the convenience of PaintCare's free large-volume pick-up (LVP) service. If you have more than 200 gallons, measured by container size (not content), you qualify for the free service. Last year, PaintCare completed more than 500 large-volume pick-ups across the state.

Additionally, if you frequently dispose of large amounts of paint, a regular pick-up service can be arranged.

To request a large volume pick-up simply fill out a paper or electronic version of the "Large Volume Pick-Up Request Form" and return it to PaintCare by email, fax, or regular mail. Visit www.paintcare.org for the form.

Learn more about what PaintCare accepts and does not accept for pickups and drop-offs.

What Products Does PaintCare Accept?

PaintCare Sites Accept PaintCare Sites Do Not Accept
House paint Aerosols (spray cans)
Primers Solvents
Stains Products intended for industrial use
Sealers Products intended for non-architectural use
Clear coating (shellac and varnish) Open, leaking or unlabeled containers

PaintCare Resources

  • Find a PaintCare Drop-Off Site Near You
  • Information About PaintCare's Large Volume Pick-Up Program (English & Spanish)
  • Information for painting contractors is available in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Spanish.

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