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Public Works Contractors Must File Online Payroll Records With State

Contractors and subcontractors on public works projects must file certified payroll records online with the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) beginning in August.


Enforcement of the requirement to submit certified payroll records using DIR's online system has started up again after an update was recently completed. DIR has additional compliance information on its Public Works page.

In a related matter, CSLB is reminding public works contractors that they must be registered with DIR for the current fiscal year (that started July 1, 2016) before bidding, being awarded or performing public works projects in California. Registered contractors who failed to renew by July 1, 2016, but continue working on public works after that date are subject to late fees and potential penalties.

Public agencies must confirm this registration before considering a bid or awarding a public works contract, and prime contractors are required to make sure their bid team members are registered.

More information is available through DIR's online public works contractor registration system.

Publications Help Construction Industry, Workers in Mobile-Friendly Formats

The Labor Enforcement Task Force (LETF), of which CSLB is a member, has released a mobile device-friendly version of its online fact sheets, in Spanish and English, to help employers in industries such as construction understand and follow the appropriate labor, licensing and payroll tax laws.

LETF also has produced a mobile version of its booklet, "What are Your Rights as a Worker?" which covers such topics as minimum wage and overtime, rest and meal breaks, safety and health on the job, and benefits for those who are injured or unemployed. It also can be accessed on the LETF website in English or Spanish versions.

LETF's objective is to combat the underground economy in California that undercuts legitimate, tax-paying businesses such as contractors, and cheats the state of tax revenues that fund essential public services. CSLB investigators participate in LETF sweeps of construction sites to verify employee wages and check compliance with license, insurance, tax, and job safety regulations.

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