Summer 2016       |      Cindi Christenson, Registrar      |      Edmund G. Brown Jr., Governor


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New Online Forms Speed Up HIS Registration Process

CSLB has launched a series of interactive forms to simplify and speed up the registration process for Home Improvement Salesperson (HIS) applicants, and licensed contractors who employ HIS. These new forms are also CSLB's first move toward an online system that should fill many licensing and registration needs.

Those seeking to become an HIS are directed to the interactive registration application. Licensed contractors can use the new employment notification form to alert CSLB when a HIS joins their staff, or the employment cessation notification form when the HIS employment ends.

These new forms are: HIS

It's important to remember that contractors who use HIS must notify CSLB of any change in their employment status, be it hiring or disassociation. That's a new requirement of the law that took effect this year revamping the HIS registration system.

There is no fee for licensed contractors to notify CSLB of HIS hiring or employment ending. There is a $75 fee to register as a HIS, renewable every two years.

The ability to make changes online should make the association/disassociation process, as well as HIS registrations, a relatively straightforward one.

With all three new forms, HIS registrants and contractors are alerted if an error is made when entering information, or if any of the required fields are skipped. Also, forms cannot be completed if information is missing or in conflict with other CSLB records. Upon completion, the form must be saved and printed out, signed, and sent to CSLB.

Direct links to the forms, and further instructions, are available on the CSLB home page.

CSLB staff will monitor the response to the interactive forms by contractors and registered sales staff, and use that feedback to develop more forms for online completion.

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