Spring 2016       |      Cindi Christenson, Registrar      |      Edmund G. Brown Jr., Governor


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USA North 811 Rolls Out Improved System for Dig Tickets

USA North 811 is moving to a new-look online notification system that promises to be easier to use and compatible with any web browser or computer operating system. The changeover to a new software provider was made at the end of April, and affects contractors who plan to dig or excavate as part of a project in Northern/Central California and Nevada.

Contractors visiting the USA North 811 (full name; Underground Service Alert of Central/Northern California and Nevada) website will now find a new ticket entry platform and other services. Although the look is different, users should find that the new ticket system performs smoothly, with none of the glitches that frequently occurred when an e-ticket was pulled earlier.

The new ticket system also promises a seamless interface with mobile, tablet, or desktop computers, regardless of operating system.

In addition to the new ticket entry system, USA North 811 has also released a new app for those seeking dig tickets. The app can be downloaded through the various app locations.

The software that powers the new system is in use at 91 other call centers around the country, including the Underground Service Alert of Southern California (aka DigAlert).

After receiving a ticket, it's still imperative that contractors follow the rules for a safe and incident-free excavation.

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