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Online Guide Helps Keep Your Contracting Business Out of Tax Trouble

Keeping up with the tax obligations related to operating your business operations is a vital part of being a successful contractor. The state Board of Equalization (BOE) offers an online guide to help construction contractors better understand tax issues that are unique to their business.

The Tax Guide for Construction Contractors has information helpful to those starting out in business, or those who want to expand their existing operations and don't want to make a tax misstep.

The guide is separated into sections that cover several different tax-related issues.

Another valuable BOE guide that explains California sales and use taxes for contractors is Tax Tips for Construction and Building Contractors.

Only You Can Make a Change of Address, or Email – Not CSLB

Remember to include your email address, or update it, when submitting your license renewal form every two years, or when you submit an Application to Change Business Name or Address. CSLB cannot alter an address or email – the only person allowed to change that information is the licensee.

Send your current business email address to CSLB to participate in licensing surveys, electronic correspondence, and important license-related communications. It is your responsibility to keep all of your contact information current with CSLB.

Providing your business email address on your renewal or change form also enables you to automatically receive the board's quarterly newsletters and other important information CSLB issues through industry bulletins or meeting notices. You also can sign up to receive communications through CSLB's online Email Alerts feature.

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