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Governor Signs Home Improvement Salesperson Bill; 3 Others on Desk


Home improvement salespersons (HIS) who represent licensed contractors when selling goods and services soon will only have to register once with CSLB. Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. has signed Senate Bill 561 into law, simplifying the HIS registration process to a single registration while still allowing salespeople to represent multiple employers.

Three other bills that impact contractors were passed by the Legislature during the 2014-15 session, and are on the Governor's desk. He has until October 11 to take action on SB 119, SB 467 and SB 560.

SB 561 removes the current requirement that an HIS register separately with CSLB for each contractor that employs them, beginning January 1, 2016.

Business and Professions Code section 7153 requires that anyone who solicits, sells, negotiates, or executes home improvement contracts for a licensed contractor outside of the contractor's normal place of business must register with CSLB as an HIS.

SB 561, authored by Sen. Bill Monning (D-Carmel) and sponsored by CSLB, will simplify and quicken the registration process in response to the rapid growth in the number of HIS applications, particularly for employees who work in the solar industry. CSLB received more than 1,000 HIS applications per month in fiscal year 2014-15, which represents more than an 80 percent jump compared to the average for the previous three years.

In addition to the single registration provision, SB 561 will:

CSLB staff is already at work putting systems in place for the new registration process. More information will be available in the coming weeks on CSLB's website.

Other bills of interest that are in front of the Governor:

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