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Learn how to select a licensed and qualified contractor, check a contractor license, negotiate a clear contract, prevent disputes and mechanics liens, and resolve disputes with a contractor if they arise.

Hire a Licensed Contractor

Details about hiring a contractor, laws and regulations, owner-builders, swimming pool construction, arbitration, and other issues.

Know the Risks of Being an Owner-Builder

Important issues you may face as an owner-builder.

Filing a Construction Complaint

Information on the process of filing a construction complaint.

Legal Issues for Consumers

Information on mechanics liens, new and pending legislation, small claims court, and civil judgments.

Disaster Information Center

Steps for rebuilding after a disaster

Report Unlicensed Activity or Illegal Advertising

Information about contracting and how to report unlicensed activity to CSLB's Statewide Investigative Fraud Team (SWIFT) and how to report an unlicensed contractor who is advertising illegally.