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Military Application Assistance Programs

CSLB offers licensure application assistance programs for past and present military personnel and their spouses/domestic partners.

Professional License Portability and State Registration for Servicemembers and their Spouses

The federal Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) authorizes service members or their spouses who currently hold a valid license in good standing in another state, district, or territory to practice in California within the same profession or vocation, if they relocate to California because of military orders. For individuals who desire to practice in California under the terms of the SCRA, please visit here.

Military Veterans

The Military Veterans Application Assistance Program aids those who are transitioning from military service to civilian employment. In some cases, veterans possess transferable skills that help meet the minimum experience and training requirements to apply for a contractor’s license. This program offers expedited processing of veterans’ applications, including the evaluation of transferable military experience and training, as well as education.
CSLB assists military veterans by providing:

  • Expedited application processing;
  • Direct contact with CSLB staff;
  • Licensing staff specially trained to evaluate transferable military training and experience from all branches of the military in an effort to meet minimum licensure requirements; and
  • Evaluation of college transcripts to help verify acceptable educational credit (in addition to military training and experience).

Evaluating Military Experience to Qualify for Licensure

CSLB's Licensing staff will review your DD-214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty with discharge status) or California Driver’s License with Veteran endorsement and the education and training transcript provided by your branch of the military. If looking to use your military experience to meet the required experience for licensure include a copy of your Joint Service Transcripts (military transcripts) for evaluation.

CSLB staff will evaluate your civilian and military experience and education. If your experience and education are sufficient to document the required four years of applicable experience within the last 10 years, you will be approved to take the appropriate licensing examination(s). All license applicants must pass a law and business examination, as well as the trade examination. If your experience and training meet only a portion of the requirements for licensure, CSLB will contact you directly and provide you with suggestions on how to fulfill any incomplete requirements.

Documentation to Be Submitted with Your CSLB Application

If applicable, include the following documentation when you submit your application to CSLB:

  • Copy of DD214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty with discharge status) or California Driver’s License with Veteran endorsement
  • Copy of ERB (Enlisted Record Brief)
  • Copy of ORB (Officer Record Brief)
  • Copy of DD2586 (Verification of Military Experience and Training form)
  • Copy of Joint Service Transcripts (military transcripts)
  • Sealed, official educational transcripts for formal civilian education

Copies of service records can be obtained from

Links to Request a Joint Service Transcript (Military Transcript):

Military Spouses/Domestic Partners

The Military Spouse/Domestic Partner Application Assistance Program expedites the processing of an application for licensure for an applicant who meets both of the following requirements:

  • Submits satisfactory evidence that he or she is married to, in a domestic partnership with, or in another legal union with an active duty member of the Armed Forces of the United States who is assigned to a duty station in California under official active duty military orders; and
  • Holds a current and valid license in another state, district, or territory of the U.S. in the classification or trade for which he or she seeks a license from CSLB.

CSLB is in the process of updating applications to include a question regarding the applicant’s possible eligibility for one of the military assistance programs. If the application you submit does not reference the military assistance programs, please include a written statement regarding your eligibility for one of the programs.

If you have questions or believe you qualify for one of the military application assistance programs, please contact CSLB's Licensing Division.

General Licensure Requirements

License Renewals for Active Duty Military Personnel

  • CSLB shall waive the renewal fees for a license that will expire during the time a licensee or registrant is called to active duty as a member of the United States Armed Forces or the California National Guard if certain requirements are met. Contact

Additional Veteran Resources

CSLB thanks you for your service to our country.