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CSLB Processing Times as of 05/10/2021

The staff at the Contractors State License Board process thousands of documents daily. The documents are processed in the order of date received. The information below reflects the dates we are currently working on for each document type. This information is updated weekly.

Testing CenterDate Being Worked On
San Bernardino06/17/2021
San Diego06/25/2021
San Jose08/20/2021
Original Applications UnitDate Being Worked On
Exam Applications03/15/2021
Request for Re-Exam12/07/2020
Waiver Applications04/09/2021


Additional Class - Replacing the Qualifier Applications UnitDate Being Worked On
Additional Class Applications04/19/2021
Qualifier Replacement Applications04/16/2021
IFS Applications04/16/2021
Hazardous and Asbestos Certification Applications04/19/2021


Home Improvement Salesperson UnitDate Being Worked On
Home Improvement Salesperson Applications04/19/2021
Home Improvement Salesperson Registrations Issued04/19/2021
Home Improvement Salesperson Renewals04/28/2021
Home Improvement Salesperson Cancellations05/10/2021


Issuance UnitDate Being Worked On
Final fees, documents received04/16/2021


Criminal Background UnitDate Being Worked On
All Applications04/23/2021


Renewal UnitDate Being Worked On
Active Renewals04/12/2021
Inactive Renewals04/12/2021
Delinquent Active Renewals04/12/2021
Delinquent Inactive Renewals04/12/2021
Renewal Rejects04/19/2021


Bond UnitDate Being Worked On
Contractor Bonds05/06/2021
Employee/Worker Bonds05/06/2021
Qualifier Bonds05/06/2021
Bond Cancellations05/06/2021
Bond Reinstatements05/06/2021
Bond Status Letters05/06/2021
Bond Riders05/06/2021


License Modification UnitDate Being Worked On
License Cancellations04/16/2021
Request for Continuance04/16/2021
Request to Inactivate a License04/16/2021
Lack of Qualifier Suspensions05/10/2021
Name/Address Changes04/16/2021
Officer Changes04/16/2021
Request for Pocket/Wall Certificates04/16/2021


Workers Compensation/Liability Insurance UnitDate Being Worked On
Certificates of Insurance04/20/2021
Workers Compensation Exemptions04/20/2021


Record Certification UnitDate Being Worked On
Request for Verified Certificates (certified license history)01/25/2021
Request for Copies05/04/2021


Judgments UnitDate Being Worked On
License Judgments05/04/2021
Proof of Satisfaction05/04/2021
Judgment Correspondence05/04/2021
Review of Applications with Judgments05/04/2021
Bond Payment of Claims05/04/2021


Correspondence UnitDate Being Worked On
General Status Letter05/07/2021
Reciprocity Status Letter04/08/2021
Forms Requests05/07/2021


MiscellaneousDate Being Worked On
Class Determinations05/07/2021
Last Exam Results Posted05/07/2021