Spring 2015       |      Cindi A. Christenson, Registrar      |      Edmund G. Brown Jr., Governor


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Quick Quiz

  1. True or False: A licensed contractor must include the CSLB-issued license number on ALL forms of advertisement, including online ads and vehicle signs.
  2. A C-10 Electrical contractor can:
    1. Perform any electrical work over 91 volts
    2. Perform any work under 91 volts
    3. Both a) and b) – perform any voltage work
  3. True or False: It is illegal for a contractor to advertise that they hold a surety bond.
  4. True or False: It is CSLB's responsibility to contact contractors to verify if there have been any changes to their address or the personnel listed on their license.
  5. In cases of an officer change request, the form sent to CSLB:
    1. Must only be signed by the new officer
    2. Must be signed by any officer listed on the license and the new officer
    3. Must be signed by an RME and the new officer
  6. True or False: Commercial building projects can only be performed by an "A" General Engineering contractor.

1: T;   2: C;   3: T;   4: F;   5: B;   6: F   

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