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Remember to List License Numbers, Name of Record in All Advertising

Business vehicles can serve as a great way to advertise your contracting services, but be sure you're following the law for displaying the information.

Licensees must list their business name and contractor license number on each of their commercially registered vehicles (Business and Professions Code section 7029.6). The name and number must be in a clearly visible location on the vehicle (in letters of at least 72-point font or three-quarters of an inch high and wide) and the name that is displayed must be identical to the business name you provided to CSLB in your application.

The standards are higher for C-36 Plumbing, C-45 Sign, and C-57 Water Well Drilling contractors who use vehicles for business. They must post their business address on the vehicle, in addition to the business name and contractor license number, and in a type size at least 1½ inches high (B&P Code section 7029.5).

All too often, CSLB representatives in the field find company vehicles with an ad or logo that does not include a license number and other required information. CSLB is authorized to take disciplinary action against licensees who fail to follow these laws for business vehicle advertising.

Also, remember that licensees must list the name of their business exactly as it appears in CSLB records for any advertisement, bid, or contract. Name style variations are not allowed. Contracts must be in the same form and type as specified in B&P Code section 7159.

Licensees should use the Application to Change Business Name or Address form (13L-4) to update changes to a business name, addresses, telephone numbers, and emails. Business names must be compatible with the type of business entity licensed (i.e., sole owner, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or joint venture) and the classification(s) held by the licensee and must match the name as registered with the Secretary of State's Office, as appropriate.

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