Change Your Business Name or Address

If your business name or address changes, you must report the change(s) within 90 days of the change (Business and Professions Code section 7083).

Complete and submit an Application to Change Business Name or Address.  The application must be signed by an owner, partner, or officer of the corporation.

Important Information Regarding Name Changes

  • The new business name cannot indicate a change in entity.
  • The new business name cannot indicate that you qualify for a classification other than the one for which you currently are licensed.
  • The new business name cannot indicate a personnel change.
  • For corporate name changes, you must first register the corporate name change with the Secretary of State's Office. If you only are adding a "DBA" to the existing corporate name, you do not need to make any changes with the Secretary of State's Office. The "DBA" cannot indicate a second corporation.
  • A corporate license number is issued exclusively to a specific corporate registration number. If the corporate name change results in a new registration number with the Secretary of State, a new contractor license will be required for the new corporation. An Application for Original Contractors License must be submitted.

Important Information Regarding Address Changes

  • If the new business address is a Post Office Box, a business street address is required.
  • Mailing addresses and business street addresses are considered public information.

After submitting the application to change your name and/or address

  • To verify that your application was received and processed, check your license information online or call CSLB at (800) 321-CSLB (2752).
  • Processing times can vary significantly. You can check the current processing times online. If CSLB is processing name and address changes received after the date you submitted your application, you should check the status of your application by calling CSLB at (800) 321-CSLB (2752).