Summer 2015       |      Cindi A. Christenson, Registrar      |      Edmund G. Brown Jr., Governor


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Quick Quiz

  1. True or False: A street sweeper requires a contractor license.
  2. The most appropriate classification for the installation of synthetic turf in a yard is:
    1. Only a C-61/D-12 Synthetic Products contractor
    2. Only a C-27 Landscaping contractor.
    3. Either a C-27 Landscaping contractor or C-61/D-12 Synthetic Products contractor.
  3. True or False: An "A" General Engineering contractor cannot build a residential home.
  4. True or False: A C-16 Fire Protection license is required to install fire suppression systems.
  5. True or False: A licensee can use any name style they chose.
  6. True or False: An applicant applying for an original license when a trade exam is required can apply for multiple classifications on one application.

1: False;   2: C;   3: True – unless there is a special case where specialized engineering is required to build the home;  4: True ;  5: False – name styles must be compliant with BPC § 7059.1;  6: False.

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