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CSLB Assists Communities Hit by Disasters

CSLB disaster brochure

With the fire season upon us in tinder-dry California, CSLB is already helping affected communities. CSLB plays an important role as one of the first agencies to respond during the recovery process when structures are destroyed from wildfires, floods, earthquakes, or any other natural disaster. CSLB staff has already met with fire victims in Riverside, Tuolumne, and Shasta counties.

As a member of the California Emergency Management Agency's disaster recovery team, CSLB participates at temporary Local Assistance Centers that are set up for affected communities. CSLB staff provides information for property owners who will be looking for contractors to rebuild their homes and other structures about specific state contracting regulations that have been established for their protection.

CLSB enforcement representatives also sweep disaster areas and post signs to remind consumers to only hire state-licensed contractors. Posted materials also remind anyone who wants to contract in a state- or federally-declared disaster area that they could be charged with a felony violation if they are not licensed by CSLB.

Contractors, Consumers Beware of Bogus Energy Program Pitches

Phony solicitations regarding the Energy Upgrade California program that uses licensed contractors and energy system raters to help consumers make energy-efficiency improvements to their homes have been occurring in different parts of the state. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), sponsor of the program, is alerting homeowners and professionals not to be taken in by misleading pitches for a similar-sounding program.

CPUC says some entities are making automated telephone calls, going door-to-door or sending emails falsely identifying themselves with the state program, or claiming to represent the Energy Upgrade Program, which is not affiliated with Energy Upgrade California.

CPUC is investigating several incidents. Anyone with information can email fraudhotline@cpuc.ca.gov or call 415.703.1235.

A list of qualified participating contractors and raters statewide is available by visiting Energy Upgrade California.

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