SACRAMENTO – The Contractor’s State License Board (CSLB) is providing contractors with an overview of laws that take effect in the new year.

Senate Bill (SB) 486 permits CSLB to issue a letter of admonishment to applicants, licensees, or registrants as an intermediate form of discipline between an advisory notice and a citation. Those who receive a letter can either comply with its terms or contest it in writing. This bill modified Business and Professions Codes (BPC) 7099.2 and 7124.6.

Senate Bill (SB) 242 adds Chapter 29.1 to Part 3 of Division 7 of the Streets and Highways Code relating to the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program. The provisions of this bill to apply exclusively to residential properties with four or fewer units and it requires program administrators to orally provide specified information before executing a contract, and to record the oral confirmation. Further, an administrator shall not permit contractors or other third parties to advertise the availability of assessment contracts, unless certain requirements are met.

Assembly Bill (AB) 1070 requires CSLB to make a “solar energy system disclosure document” available for consumers by July 1, 2018, and to compile an annual report beginning July 1, 2019, documenting consumer complaints against solar contractors. Additionally, this bill standardizes the calculation and presentation of electric utility bill savings for consumers. Assembly Bill 1070 adds sections 7169 and 7170 to the Public Utilities Code (PUC).

Assembly Bill (AB) 1278 provides that when an unsatisfied judgment is issued against a license the qualifying individual or personnel of record are prohibited from working in the same capacity for another license. This rule, which amended section 7071.17 of the BPC code, applies to the qualifying individuals or personnel of records who worked for a licensee during the time the activities took place on which the judgment was based.

Assembly Bill (AB) 1357 amends section 7197 of the BPC and Section 1102.4 of the Civil Code (CIV). This bill authorizes a licensed C-39 roofing contractor to perform repairs identified as a result of a home inspection conducted by the licensee for the specific purpose of providing a roof certification. The authorization is valid if the licensed contractor meets specified conditions.

Assembly Bill (AB) 1284 requires that Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) administrators be licensed under the California Financing Law (effective January 1, 2019), and that program administrators meet certain requirements before PACE assessment contracts can be funded and recorded by a public agency (effective April 1, 2018). This bill also provides that program administrators comply with the requirements of the California Financial Information Privacy Act.

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