Solar Energy System Disclosure

Before your purchase, finance or lease of a residential solar energy system can be completed, your contractor must provide you with a “Solar Energy System Disclosure Document” cover page.

The information in this document is meant to help give you accurate, clear, and concise information regarding the installation of the solar energy system. The document should help reduce misunderstandings between you and your contractor.

The document includes the following three elements:

  1. Total cost for the solar energy system, including financing and energy/power costs if applicable;
  2. How to file a complaint with CSLB; and
  3. Information about your three-day right to cancel the contract (if not negotiated at the contractor’s place of business)

The disclosure must be in the same language used in the oral sales presentation or the marketing materials the contractor provided to you. You can download the cover page document in English and Spanish.

CSLB is currently working with the California Public Utilities Commission to develop an expanded document, which will contain information such as:

  1. Total costs of the system installation;
  2. Your anticipated savings;
  3. Assumptions and inputs used to estimate the savings; and
  4. Implications of various financing options

When completed and approved by the two agencies, the expanded document will be posted on this page.

Read the bill that enacted these new requirements (LINK)

NOTE: If you’re financing your system through one of the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs, you’ll find your disclosure forms under the “Your Financing Options” tab.