Small Claims Court

Investigation by CSLB does not guarantee restitution to complainants.

If your primary interest is to gain restitution, you should pursue the matter in small claims court or consult with an attorney. If you are considering legal action to recover damages of $10,000 or less, CSLB can provide you with A Consumer Guide to Using a Small Claims Court that will assist you with the process. You can also reference the Department of Consumer Affairs’ The Small Claims Court: A Guide to its Practical Use.

In addition, you can visit the California Courts Self-Help Guide on small claims for additional information and assistance or self-help information. If your damages are more than $10,000, you should consult with an attorney.

If you prevail in a civil or arbitration case against a licensed contractor, send CSLB documentation of the disposition of the case. CSLB will notify the contractor that the license will be suspended if the judgment or award is not satisfied pursuant to Section 7071.17 of the Business and Professions Code.