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Energy Storage Systems

In April 2018, the Board directed CSLB staff to conduct public meetings and collect information regarding the appropriate license classification(s) authorized to contract for and install an Energy Storage System (ESS).

That report has been completed and will be formally presented to the Board at its March 21, 2019 quarterly meeting.

Energy Storage System Report

Linked below are the materials presented to CSLB which are summarized in the report. Those materials include:

  • 121 letters recommending the Board make no changes to its existing license classifications
  • 148 letters recommending the Board “clarify current regulations” to require that only C-10 Electrical Contractors may install battery ESS, including letters signed by 28 members of the state legislature and 23 other elected state or local officials
  • Petition signed by 2,877 people who “strongly urge[s]” CSLB to only allow C-10 Electrical Contractors to install and maintain battery ESS
  • Transcripts from CSLB public hearings and meetings with industry experts

Background Materials

May 8 2019 ESS Stakeholder Meeting

Five videos that were presented to CSLB are also displayed below:

Video produced by C-10 Industry

Electrical #1

Videos Produced by C-46 Industry

Solar #1

Solar #2

Solar #3

Solar #4


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