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Forms & Applications

 QtyForm Name
1 Application for Original Contractor License - Exam
2 Certification of Work Experience
3 Construction Project Experience
4 Owner-Builder B-General Building Construction Project Experience
5 Section 4 Continued (for additional personnel)
6 Statement Regarding Criminal Plea/Conviction
7 Special Accommodation Request for Examination
8 Application for Original Contractor License - Examination Waiver (7065)
9 Request for License Number Reissuance
10 Application for Replacing the Qualifying Individual
11 Application for Additional Classification
12 Application for Joint Venture Contractor License
13 Application for Asbestos Certification
14 Application for Hazardous Substance Removal and Remedial Actions Certification
15 Application for Registration as a Home Improvement Salesperson
16 Contractor Notification of Home Improvement Salesperson Association
17 Contractor Notification of Home Improvement Salesperson Employment Cessation
18 Duplicate or Delinquent License Renewal (license number required)
19 Duplicate or Delinquent Home Improvement Salesperson Registration Renewal (registration number required)
20 Application to Inactivate Contractor's License
21 Application to Reactivate Inactive Contractor's License (license number required)
22 Application to Add New Personnel to an Existing Corporate or Limited Liability Company License
23 Application to Report Change of Title for Current Officer or Personnel of Existing Corporate or Limited Liability Company License
24 Application to Add a New Limited Partner to an Existing Partnership License
25 Application to Change Business Address or Personnel Address
26 Application to Change Contractor Business Name and/or Order Wall Certificate or Pocket License Card
27 Application to Change Home Improvement Salesperson Address and/or Order Pocket Registration Card
28 Disassociation Request
29 Application to Remove Classification from License
30 License Cancellation Request
31 License Continuance Request
32 Request for Voluntary Surrender and Cancellation of Home Improvement Salesperson Registration
33 Exemption from Workers' Compensation
34 Qualifier Statement of Ownership
35 Contractor's Bond Form (For Surety Companies Only)
36 Bond of Qualifying Individual Form (For Surety Companies Only)
37 LLC Employee/Worker Bond Form (For Surety Companies Only)
38 Request for Bond Acceptance Business and Professions Code Section 7071.7
39 Information on Alternatives in Lieu of Bond Requirements
40 Complaint Form
41 Request for Current Bond Information
42 Request for Copies
43 Request for General Status Letter
44 Request for Certified License History
45 License Verification Request (Reciprocity)
46 Request for Disclosure of Contractor's License Information
47 Request for Certificate of Non-License
48 Request for Suspension of Contractor's License and Proof of Unsatisfied Final Judgment
49 Public Sales Custom Order Form
50 Full File/Update File Order Form
51 CSLB Client Services Complaint & Suggestion Form

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Guides & Publications

 QtyForm Name
1. A Consumer Guide to Filing Construction Complaints
2. A Consumer's Guide to Asbestos
3. After a Disaster - Don't Get Scammed
4. Asbestos: A Contractor's Guide and Open Book Examination
5. Before You Dive Into Swimming Pool Construction
6. Blueprint for Becoming a California Licensed Contractor (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)
7. Building Your Career as a Licensed Contractor
8. Choosing the Right Landscaper
9. Owner-Builders Beware!
10. Ten Tips for Making Sure Your Contractor Measures Up
11. Terms of Agreement A Consumer Guide to Home Improvement Contracts
12. What Seniors Should Know Before Hiring a Contractor
13. What You Should Know Before You Hire a Contractor

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