Complaints Against Licensed Contractors

How Complaints Against Licensed Contractors are Handled

Complaints are processed by priority. Complaints involving a threat to public health, safety, and significant financial injury are given the highest priority. CSLB also prioritizes complaints based on the order of receipt and available resources and staffing.

  • The complaint is usually first assigned to a consumer services representative (CSR). The CSR will attempt to mediate the complaint.
  • If mediation is unsuccessful and the complaint is not closed for reasons such as settled, or lack of evidence, etc., the complaint may be referred to Small Claims Court, CSLB sponsored arbitration or assigned to an enforcement representative (ER) for investigation.
  • The ER will investigate to determine if there have been any violations of Contractors License State Law or the CSLB Rules and Regulations.
  • If a violation is established, the ER may send the licensee a warning letter.
  • If the established violation is of a more critical nature, the ER may issue a citation.
  • For more serious violations of law, the ER may take administrative action by filing an accusation with the Attorney General stating the board's intent to suspend or revoke the license.

    Note: At anytime the CSR or ER may close the complaint for reasons such as settlement, lack of evidence, no violation, etc.

For more information on the CSLB complaint, citation or administrative processes, please see the Consumer section How to File A Complaint, or the Contractor section Dealing with a complaint, on this Website.