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CSLB Announces New Fee Schedule

Application, licensing, registration, renewal, and other fees will increase approximately 10 percent

SACRAMENTO – Since its creation almost 90 years ago, the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) has been steadfast in carrying out its mission to protect consumers by regulating California’s construction industry in the most financially responsible way possible.

CSLB operations are funded entirely by license fees, and today, a combination of increased costs and a seven-percent reduction in the number of licenses necessitates that CSLB raise various fees by approximately 10 percent. This is CSLB’s first fee increase since 2011, and only the second increase since 1993. The new fee schedule was approved by the state legislature last year, and takes effect July 1, 2017.

The decision to raise fees is not made lightly, and over the past number of years CSLB has taken multiple measures to reduce costs. Unfortunately, CSLB cannot further reduce the expenditures that support our licensing and enforcement programs without negatively affecting our ability to process applications in a timely manner and to quickly mediate or investigate consumer complaints.

This fee increase will help ensure CSLB’s continued effectiveness in regulating the construction industry for the state of California.

The chart on the following page highlights the current and new fee schedule.

Application and Licensing Fees Expires on or BEFORE
June 30, 2017*
Expires on or
July 01, 2017*
Application for Original Contractor License (exam/waiver) $300 $330
Initial License Fee $180 $200
Additional Classification (for existing license) $75 $150
Additional Classification (with waiver for original application) $75 $75
License Reactivation $360 $400
Replacing the Qualifying Individual (for an existing license) $75 $150
Add New Personnel (for existing corporation or LLC) $0 $100
Reschedule an Examination $60 $60
Application for Home Imporvement Salesperson (HIS) $75 $83
Application for Asbestos Certification $75 $83
Application for Hazardous Substance Removal Certification $75 $83

Renewal Fees Expires on or BEFORE
June 30, 2017*
Expires on or
July 01, 2017*
Active Renewal $360 $400
Inactive Renewal $180 $200
HIS Renewal $75 $83

Delinquent Renewal Fees
(renewal fee + penalty)
Expires on or BEFORE
June 30, 2017*
Expires on or
July 1, 2017*
Delinquent Active License $540 $600
Delinquent Inactive License $270 $300
Delinquent HIS Registration $112.50 $124.50



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