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Independent Contractor? Day Laborer? What’s the Correct Employee Classification?

SACRAMENTO — Properly reporting employee payroll taxes to state departments is crucial for contractors to avoid accidentally misclassifying staff and subjecting their business to penalties and fines. The Employment Development Department provides free classroom style and online presentations to help contractors learn the ropes of state employer reporting laws.

The classroom seminars are offered in many locations throughout California. They are customized to benefit everyone – established businesses, those just getting started, individuals anticipating going into business, payroll agents – and the instructors encourage audience participation.

The online courses allow you to learn on your own, when you want, at your own pace, and wherever you choose to access the Internet.

Below are some of the tax seminar courses that might benefit your contracting business.

• Federal/State Basic Payroll Tax Seminar

• Quick Course in Federal and State Payroll Taxes

• State Labor Law and Payroll Tax Seminar

• Employee or Independent Contractor Seminar

• State Payroll Tax Workshop

• How to Manage Unemployment Insurance Costs Tax Seminar

• Audits and Appeals Payroll Tax Seminar

• Employment Taxes and the Nonprofit Organization Seminar

• Household Employers Payroll Tax Seminar

• State Basic Payroll Tax Seminar

• Avoid Errors on Payroll Tax Reporting Seminar

• View Other Seminars

The Department of Industrial Relations and Internal Revenue Service also offer State Labor Law and Federal Payroll Tax presentations at some of the EDD seminars.

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