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2009 Industry Bulletins

Bullet Item 12/29/2009 CLSB Alerts Contractors to New Regulations and Laws
Bullet Item 12/08/2009 CSLB Alerts Licensees to Upcoming Public Works Training Seminar
Bullet Item 11/30/2009 CSLB Alerts Contractors to Renewed Enforcement of Building Permits in January 2010
Bullet Item 10/08/2009 CSLB Stresses Importance of Carrying Appropriate Workers' Compensation Insurance for Employees
Bullet Item 09/28/2009 CSLB Encourages Natural Gas Project Safetys
Bullet Item 09/28/2009 CSLB Receives Prestigious National Awards
Bullet Item 09/21/2009 CSLB Stings More Than 100 in Series of Simultaneous Undercover Sting Operations
Bullet Item 08/31/2009 Prime Contractors Have Key Responsibility in Subcontractor Bids and Business Practices
Bullet Item 08/27/2009 CSLB Offers Fast Facts on Solar Projects
Bullet Item 08/25/2009 CSLB Offers Resources to Help Licensees Stay On Top of Air and Water Regulations
Bullet Item 08/25/2009 CSLB Calling for Industry Assistance to Conduct Undercover Sting Operations
Bullet Item 08/13/2009 CSLB Releases Enforcement Statistics
Bullet Item 04/22/2009 Public Works Training Seminars Scheduled for Oakland
Bullet Item 04/09/2009 CSLB Operation Nabs Unlicensed Operator at Mansion Construction Site
Bullet Item 03/23/2009 CSLB and Attorney General Stop Fraudulent Service & Repair Contractors
Bullet Item 03/18/2009 CSLB Reports 2008 Accomplishments and Activities
Bullet Item 03/05/2009 Important News for Licensed Contractors with a Bond from Surety Company of the Pacific
Bullet Item 02/03/2009 State Furloughs Will Have Impact on CSLB Services
Bullet Item 01/05/2009 2009 Brings Changes to State Laws for Contractors


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