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Board Meeting Minutes — August 26, 2010


Board Chair Lisa Miller-Strunk called the meeting of the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) to order at 1:00 p.m. on August 26, 2010, in the John C. Hall Hearing Room at the Contractors State License Board, 9821 Business Park Drive, Sacramento, CA 95827. A quorum was established.

Board Secretary Paul Schifino led the Board in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Board Members Present:
Lisa Miller-Strunk, Chair   Louise Kirkbride      
Paul Schifino, Secretary   Ed Lang
Eddie Barnes, Past Chair     James Miller 
Robert Brown   Cynthia Mitchell
Joan Hancock   Bruce Rust
Pastor Herrera Jr.   Mark A. Thurman    
Matthew Kelly   Ruben Zuniga
Board Members Excused:
Robert Lamb    
DCA/CSLB Staff Present:
Stephen Sands, Registrar   David Fogt, Enforcement
Cindi Christenson, Chief Deputy Registrar   Rick Lopes, Public Affairs
Don Chang, DCA Legal Counsel   Tara Maggi, Executive
Michael Brown, Legislation             Karen Ollinger, Licensing
Jonathan Buttle, Executive               

Board Chair Lisa Miller-Strunk opened the meeting by acknowledging the use of E-Payments at CSLB Headquarters.  She noted how pleased she is with the new feature and how convenient it will be for contractors.


Joe Upchurch, a representative of District Council 16, expressed concern for C-17 Glazing contractors, specifically those authorized to perform projects involving the installation of solar photovoltaic panels. Mr. Upchurch’s concerns were referred to the Licensing Committee.

Ed Campos, from San Francisco, expressed concerns about public works investigative unit pilot projects located on the agenda under the Enforcement Program Update.

Richard Clements, president and owner of Pool Builders, of Chico, expressed his gratitude to the Board for the hard work put forth by Enforcement Chief David Fogt and Board Member Ed Lang.

State and Consumer Services Agency Deputy Secretary for Legislation Laura Zuniga briefed the Board on legislative processes, including background about the sunset review process.

  • Motion to Approve June 24, 2010 Board Meeting Minutes
    • MOTION: A motion was made by Board Member Matt Kelly and seconded by Board Member Ruben Zuniga to approve the June 24, 2010 Board Meeting Minutes. The motion carried unanimously, 14-0.

Chair Lisa Miller-Strunk introduced Chief Deputy Registrar Cindi Christenson to present the Executive Committee report.

  1. Administration and Information Technology (IT) Program Update
    • Ms. Christenson began the Administration Program Update by reporting on personnel updates, the IWAS unit, and the Business Services Office. IT Chief Amy Cox-O’Farrell provided the Information Technology update, mentioning the electronic payment, the Automated Call Distribution (ACD) System, pocket card equipment replacement, and the new centralized e-mailing system.
  2. Budget Update
    • Budget Analyst Jonathan Buttle briefed the Board On the budget, touching on the current budget status, which included detailed reports located in the Board packet.
  3. Briefing on BreEZe
    • Ms. Cindi Christenson introduced Debbie Balaam, Brandon Rutschmann, and Kim Kirchmeyer from DCA who presented an overview of the DCA BreEZe project.

Chair Lisa Miller-Strunk introduced Legislative Committee Chair Mark A. Thurman and Legislative Chief Mike Brown to present the Legislative Committee report.

  1. Review and Consideration of Legislation
    • Committee Chair Mark A. Thurman provided the report.
      • AB 660 Sprinkler fitter: licensing.—"Dead."
      • SB 392 Contractors: limited liability companies.—On the Governor’s desk.
      • All other bills are on the Governor’s desk awaiting approval.

Chair Lisa Miller-Strunk introduced Licensing Committee Chair Joan Hancock and Licensing Chief Karen Ollinger to present the Licensing Committee report.

  1. Licensing Program Update
    • Ms. Ollinger provided updates on workload and processing times in the licensing application units. Ms. Ollinger also informed the Board of the staff vacancies within the call center, which is increasing the wait time of incoming calls. She also reviewed the Judgment Unit Update, located in the Board packet.
  2. Testing Division Update
    • Testing Chief Bob Porter provided updates on the Testing Center status in Oxnard, examination wait times, vacant staff positions, examination development, and the Annual Consumer Satisfaction Survey.

Chair Lisa Miller-Strunk introduced Public Affairs Committee Chair Eddie Barnes and Public Affairs Chief Rick Lopes to present the Public Affairs Committee report.

  1. Public Affairs Update
    • Mr. Lopes provided updates on website highlights, the licensee look-up feature enhancement, and e-mail registration on applications/renewals. He also covered disaster outreach, media relations, industry/licensee outreach, publications, reality show highlights, community outreach, and the employee wellness program.

Chair Lisa Miller-Strunk introduced Enforcement Committee Chair Ed Lang and Enforcement Chief David Fogt to present the Enforcement Committee report.

  1. Enforcement Program Update
    • Lang then introduced Mr. Fogt, who provided the Enforcement update. Mr. Fogt reported on Enforcement’s vacant positions, training programs, Intake/Mediation Centers, Investigative Centers, Case Management Unit, and SWIFT.
  2. Update on Partnering with State and Local Government Agencies
    • Mr. Fogt reported on a successful underground economy seminar and workshop that was held in the Bay Area. He also touched on the California Energy Commission Memorandum of Understanding, located in the Board packet.
  3. Update on Board-Approved Pilot Programs
    1. Mr. Fogt provided updates on the different pilot programs that were approved by CSLB Board members at the June 24, 2010 meeting.
      • Combating Unlicensed Activity
        • Mr. Fogt discussed the consumer education letter, telephone disconnect, advertising enforcement pilot, and the industry forum.
      • CSLB/Building Official License & Permit Compliance Partnership
        • Fogt reviewed the HVAC stings, and results of the pilot program, which were located in the packet.
      • Public Works Enhanced Enforcement
        • Mr. Fogt briefed the Board on the Public Works Investigative Unit Pilot project, touching on achievement of established implementation goals.
  4. Review Language of Proposed Precedential Decision Regarding Aiding and Abetting an Unlicensed Person
    After lengthy discussion, the board decided to have staff develop an amended draft that would be presented to the Board at the upcoming Enforcement Committee meeting in October.

Mr. Sands reviewed upcoming Board meetings. The next meeting will be held in Riverside at the Mission Inn Hotel in November.


The Board went into closed session.


Board Chair Lisa Miller-Strunk announced that in closed session the Board discussed pending litigation as noticed.


Board Chair Miller-Strunk adjourned the Board meeting at 4:45 p.m.


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