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Board Meeting Minutes — June 19, 2008

Call to Order

Board Chair Jim Miller called the meeting of the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) to order on June 19, 2008 at 8:30 a.m. at the Northwoods Resort and Conference Center in Big Bear Lake. A quorum was established.

Board Secretary Cynthia Mitchell led the Board in the Pledge of Allegiance. Board members, staff, and members of the audience introduced themselves.

Board Members Present: Board Members Excused:
Eddie Barnes Lisa Miller-Strunk
Robert Brown Bruce Rust
Joan Hancock Donald Zampa
Matthew Kelly
Louise Kirkbride
Robert Lamb Board Members Absent
Ed Lang Bernedette Medrano
Stephen Matich
James Miller
Cynthia Mitchell
CSLB Staff Present:
Stephen Sands, Registrar Rick Lopes, Public Affairs
Don Chang, Legal Counsel (DCA) Bob Porter, Testing
Karen Ollinger, Licensing Michael Brown, Legislature
Peter Sugar, Enforcement Joyce May, Licensing

City Manager Jeff Mathieu welcomed everyone to Big Bear Lake and thanked the Board for scheduling their meeting in Big Bear Lake.

Chair’s Remarks and Board Member Comments

Board Chair James Miller welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked Mr. Matheiu for his comments and taking time from his schedule to attend the Board’s meeting.

Special recognition was given to Louise Kirkbride and Donald Zampa for their service to the Board and the State of California. Mr. Zampa is not able to continue for a second term because of work commitments and Ms. Kirkbride has accepted an appointment with the Board of Accountancy.

Public Comment Session

Matt Le Vesque, a contractor, thanked the Board for their enforcement efforts and recent arrest of an unscrupulous contractor who had taken advantage of a homeowner who had signed a contract for home improvement just before he was sent to Iraq.

Review and Approval of the April 23, 2008 Minutes
    MOTION: A motion was made by Robert Brown to approve the minutes of the April 23, 2008 Board Meeting. A second was made by Matt Kelly. Motion carried 10-0.
Industry Update

Surety Bond Industry

Susan Moore, representing Insco-Dico Group, gave an overview of the role of sureties with regard to contractor bonds.

Workforce Trends and Development

Eddie Barnes presented a slide presentation which stressed the need for vocational training. This thorough briefing provided the Board with important and interesting information.

Legislative Committee Report

Legislative Committee Chair Stephen Matich gave an update on Board-sponsored bills and the recommended position of Legislation of interest to the Board. The Board is no longer pursuing AB456. Funding for the Construction Management Education Account will be handled through the Budget Change Proposal process.

  • MOTION: A motion was made by Robert Lamb to support AB 2288 as amended. A second was made by Stephen Matich. Motion carried 8-0. Joan Hancock and Cynthia Mitchell abstained.
  • MOTION: A motion was made by Robert Brown to oppose SB 1698 unless amended to remove the CSLB from the bill. A second was made by Louise Kirkbride. Motion carried 7-0. Matt Kelly and Robert Lamb abstained; Eddie Barnes recused himself.
Enforcement Committee Report

Enforcement Program Update

In the absence of the Chief of Enforcement David Fogt, Enforcement Committee Chair Ed Lang asked Peter Sugar to give the program update.

Status of the Organizational Development Project

Mr. Sugar gave a slide presentation updating the Board on the status of the Organizational Development Project. The presentation covered staff development/succession planning, the new Central Valley SWIFT office, Model Office Program, standardized electronic reporting, master calendar and a training database.

Presentation on Precedential Decision

Don Chang, Supervising Senior Legal Counsel, explained that a precedential decision has been established as a result of a sting operation in which a swimming pool contractor was cited for acting as a "consultant" to a homeowner. The "consultant’s" activities included bidding for the pool building project, arranging for and setting up work schedules for subcontractors, and maintaining oversight of the project. Because the case was established as a precedential decision, it can be used in future cases to apply to anyone who acts as a "consultant" in any construction related project.

Licensing Division Update

Licensing Program Update

Licensing Committee Chair Eddie Barnes asked Chief of Licensing Karen Ollinger to provide an update on the workload and processing times in the license application units, transaction units, and the Fingerprinting/Criminal Background Unit. She also reported on the average wait time and the number of calls received, answered, and abandoned by the Call Center.

Testing Division Update

Chief of Testing and Administrative Support Bob Porter gave an update on the work load in the Test Centers, Test Center staffing, examination development, occupational analyses and new examinations currently in progress, and the examination development module of the new test administration system, SCORE. The Division is also working on completing code updates for all examinations that are not scheduled for update this year.

Public Affairs Update

Communications and Education Committee Chair Robert Lamb asked Chief of Public Affairs Rick Lopes to provide and update on the Public Affairs Program.

Executive Committee Report

Review and Approval of the June 3, 2008 Executive Committee Meeting Summary Report

Executive Committee Chair James Miller presented the Executive Committee Report.

  • MOTION: A motion was made by Eddie Barnes to approve the Executive Committee Meeting report. A second was made by Ed Lang. Motion carried 10-0.

Administrative and Information Technology Program Update

Registrar Steve Sands updated the Board on the Administrative Program and the Information Technology Program.

Review and Approval of the 2008 Strategic Plan

  • MOTION: A motion was made by Matt Kelly to approve the 2008 Strategic Plan as presented and allow the Registrar to work with Cynthia Mitchell on Enforcement goal #1. A second was made by Robert Lamb. Motion carried 10-0.
Election of Board Officers for 2008-2009

On behalf of the Nominating Committee which consisted of Board members Ed Lang and Stephen Matich, Ed Lang recommended the following officers for 2008-2009:

  • James Miller, Chair
  • Cynthia Mitchell, Vice Chair
  • Eddie Barnes, Secretary
    • MOTION: A motion was made by Ed Lang to accept the recommendations of the Nominating Committee. A second was made by Stephen Matich. The motion carried 10-0.
Review of Tentative Schedule

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for September 10, 2008, in Sacramento.

Meeting Adjourned

The meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.


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