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Board Meetings - February 7, 2008

Call to Order

Board Chair Jim Miller called the meeting of the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) to order on February 7, 2008 at 9:00 a.m. at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose. A quorum was established.

Board Secretary Cynthia Mitchell led the Board in the Pledge of Allegiance. Board members, staff, and members of the audience introduced themselves.

Board Members Present: Board Members Excused:
Eddie Barnes   Bob Brown
Joan Hancock   Matthew Kelly
Louise Kirkbride   Bob Lamb
Ed Lang    
Stephen Matich    
Bernedette Medrano    
James Miller    
Lisa Miller-Strunk    
Cynthia Mitchell    
John O’Rourke    
Donald Zampa    
CSLB Staff Present:
Stephen Sands, Registrar David Fogt, Enforcement
Denise Brown, Chief Deputy Registrar   Peter Sugar, Enforcement
Maureen Abbott, Executive Assistant   Jonathan Buttle, Budget Analyst
Don Chang, Legal Counsel (DCA)   Rick Lopes, Public Affairs
Michael Brown, Legislation   Heidi Lincer-Hill, Testing
Amy Cox-O'Farrell, Info. Technology   Bob Porter, Testing
Chair's Remarks and Board Member Comments

Board Chair Jim Miller welcomed everyone to the San Jose meeting. Mr. Miller introduced CSLB’s two new Board Members: Joan Hancock and Lisa Miller-Strunk. Joan Hancock is from Sacramento and owns a general contracting firm named Her Land Enterprises. Lisa Miller-Strunk is from Aliso Viejo and owns a marine construction company named Shellmaker Incorporated.

Mr. Miller announced that "Agenda Item F Closed Session" will be moved to the end of today’s meeting so that the audience does not have to be dismissed during the meeting.

Public Comment Session

There was no public comment.

Approval of the November 1, 2007 Board Meeting Minutes
  • MOTION:  A motion was made by Eddie Barnes to approve the November 1, 2007 Board Meeting Minutes. A second was made by Ed Lang. Motion was carried 11-0.
Industry Update

Registrar Steve Sands introduced Larry Rohlfes and David Shue who had been invited to speak to the Board

Board Chair Jim Miller presented Larry Rohlfes with a Certificate of Appreciation to honor his work and his association. He is Assistant Executive Director of the California Landscape Contractors Association and has partnered with CSLB to help combat unlicensed and fraudulent construction activity.

Mr. Rohlfes described his and his association’s work with the Board and his efforts in immigration reform and how it would affect the construction industry.

David Shue is the Enforcement Supervisor of CSLB’s San Francisco Investigative Center. He explained how individual investigative centers work with local Attorney General Offices and the challenges they face.

Maretta Ward, Deputy Attorney General in San Francisco, was also scheduled to speak but was unable to make the meeting.

Legislative Committee Report

Update on Board-Sponsored Bills

Legislative Committee Chair Stephen Matich provided an overview of three un-backed bills which have been drafted by Legislative Council. The subjects are License Bonds, CSLB Voluntary Arbitration Program, and Owner/Builder Permits.

Recommended Positions on Bills Introduced

Mr. Matich updated the Board. SB355 and SB569 are two-year bills that the CSLB has posted a "support" position on.

Five bills are in the legislative process: AB456, SB355, SB569, SB797, and SB963. Details regarding these bills are listed in the Board Packet.

Enforcement Committee Report

Enforcement Committee Chair Ed Lang gave an overview of the Enforcement Committee Report and the SWIFT Sting Operation that he attended in Rancho Cordova. Enforcement complaints have increased, but the caseload remains at a manageable level.

Enforcement Program Update

Chief of Enforcement David Fogt presented the Enforcement Update. He explained the statistical reports and the internal audit summaries in the Board Packet. Mr. Fogt also reported on the proactive enforcement activities regarding the San Diego wildfire response, sting and sweep statistics, and the strategy to combat illegal print ads.

Report on Service and Repair Investigations

Enforcement Committee Chair Ed Lang reported on his investigation regarding service and repair contractors. A new task force has been formed to combat predatory service and repair companies. The "Service and Repair Criminal Investigation Task Force" will be responsible for investigating the alleged criminal activities of certain service and repair businesses and individuals who use various name styles and misleading advertisements to prey on consumers.

Mr. Lang introduced Pete Tuminia who is the head of this task force. Mr. Tuminia is a former Deputy Labor Commissioner/Peace Officer Investigator for DLSE and will serve in a retired annuitant capacity.

Licensing Committee Report

Licensing Committee Chair Eddie Barnes asked Chief Deputy Registrar Denise Brown to present the Licensing Program Update.

Licensing Program Update

Ms. Brown gave an overview of the licensing charts and explained the statistical chart for the Fingerprint Unit in the Board Packet. The Licensing Information Center (LIC) has established a new position to serve as a trainer. This position is responsible for updating internal call center policies, developing call center scripts for consistency, training new staff, and cross training existing staff.

Testing Division Update

Chief of Testing Bob Porter updated the Board. The new Norwalk Test Center opened in December with 59 seats. The expansion of the San Bernardino Test Center should be completed in March or April. The testing capacity will increase by 31 seats. In San Diego the seating capacity will increase by 7 seats before the end of this year.

As a result of a Budget Change Proposal, the Testing Division was able to restore 5 test center positions lost in previous years due to budget cuts. All 5 positions have been filled.

The new test administration system, SCORE, developed in-house by the Testing Division’s IT staff has successfully been implemented at all of the CSLB’s eight Testing Centers.

Presentation on Licensing Examination Development Process

Testing/Examination Manager Heidi Lincer-Hill gave the Board a PowerPoint presentation which explained the life cycle of a test question. She showed how a question is written, developed, and analyzed. She also reviewed the Codes and Regulations related to Examination Development.

Communication & Education Committee Report

Public Affairs Program Update

Chief of Public Affairs Rick Lopes updated the Board. He gave an overview of the recent press releases and sting operations. Between November 2007 and January 2008, the PAO distributed three industry bulletins which featured construction industry topics. The staff has also responded to more than 50 separate media inquiries and provided interviews to newspaper, radio, and television outlets.

CSLB’s Website now features the "Most Wanted List" of 12 people. The list includes the most egregious unlicensed operators, all of whom have open arrest warrants.

Since November 2007, seven Senior Scam Stoppers have been held. The purpose of this fraud prevention outreach is to inform and empower seniors at the local level.

Executive Committee Report

Executive Committee Chair Jim Miller presented a brief overview of the Executive Committee Report.

Administrative and Information Technology Program Updates

Chief Deputy Registrar Denise Brown reported on Succession Planning and told the Board that the target date for completion is January 2009. She also reviewed the chart in the Board Packet which illustrated the breakdown for the CSLB vacancies. There are 21 vacant positions at the Board.

Budget Analyst Jonathan Buttle briefed the Board on the budget and expenditures through December 2007. He also explained the budget charts in the Board Packet.

Chief of Information Technology Amy Cox O’Farrell reported on the automated complaint form, security guidelines and policies, and the iLicensing System which will provide on-line (internet) services.

Approval of 2008 Board Member Administrative Procedure Manual
  • MOTION:  A motion was made by Cynthia Mitchell to approve the 2008 Board Member Administrative Procedure Manual. A second was made by Eddie Barnes. Motion was carried 11-0.
Review of Status of 2007 Strategic Plan Objectives and Review of 2008 Strategic Planning Process

Registrar Steve Sands discussed the status of the 2007 Strategic Plan Objectives and reviewed the 2008 Strategic Planning Process with the Board. He explained that the first step in strategic planning is to look at where the Board was and where the Board currently is before the Board plans to move forward. The Board should use the 2007 Accomplishments & Activities Report as a guide. Next step is to look forward to where the Board would like to be and what accomplishments the Board would like to achieve in the future.

Committee Meetings will be held before the April 23 Strategic Planning Meeting. Each Committee Meeting will focus on issues, suggestions, and guidelines that will be discussed at the Strategic Planning Meeting.

Review of Tentative Schedule

Board Chair Jim Miller announced that the next CSLB Board/Strategic Planning Meeting will be held in Monterey at the Monterey Beach Hotel on April 23, 2008.

Closed Session – Pending Litigation

At this time, Legal Counsel Don Chang asked the public to leave the meeting room to allow the Board to convene in Closed Session to discuss pending litigation.

Meeting Adjourned

The Board Meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.


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