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2013 Press Releases

12/20/2013  Convicted Rapist Nabbed in Sacramento County Contractors State License Board Undercover Sting
11/26/2013  Unusual Weekend CSLB Sting in Roseville Yields Big Results
11/26/2013  Fake San Diego Area Contractors Caught by CSLB during Undercover Sting
11/22/2013  It Was Raining Illegal Contractors at Hayward CSLB Sting Operation
11/08/2013  CSLB Undercover Sting in Artesia Catches All First-Time Offenders
10/25/2013  Repeat Offenders Caught Working Illegally in Yucaipa by Contractors State License Board
10/18/2013  Fifteen Unlicensed Operators Caught in One-Day Kern County Undercover Sting Conducted by Contractors State License Board
10/14/2013  Sex Offenders, Convicted Felons Snagged in Contractors State License Board Statewide Sting
09/27/2013  CSLB Undercover Sting in Santa Monica Leaves Unlicensed Painters Feeling Blue
09/04/2013  Unlicensed Contractor Convicted in Monterey County Elder Abuse Case Sentenced to State Prison
08/30/2013  Unlicensed Electrician Being Held Without Bail After Arrest at Monterey County Superior Court House
08/29/2013  Fake Contractors, and Real Ones Not Following Rules Get Surprised at CSLB Roseville Sting
08/27/2013  Ventura County Grand Jury Indicts Revoked CSLB Licensee Avi Gozlan after Elaborate Scheme to Defraud Consumers
08/09/2013   CSLB Sting in Hanford Finds Phony Contractors Duping Consumers Out of Illegal Down Payments
08/02/2013   CSLB Picks Off Illegal Contractors in Napa Sting Operation
07/29/2013   15 Feel the Sting from CSLB for Illegal Contracting in Concord
07/19/2013   Contractors State License Board Cracks Down on Unlicensed Activity during California Blitz Operation
07/12/2013   CSLB Alerts Central Coast Residents about Illegal Electrician
06/20/2013   Illegal Contractors Advertising on Internet Still Being Caught in Los Angeles Area CSLB Stings
06/11/2013   CSLB Catches Several Contractors with Revoked, Expired Licenses in Rancho Cordova
05/30/2013   CSLB Stings a Dozen Fake Contractors in Central Valley Enforcement Operation
05/09/2013   Illegal Contractors Don't Heed Warning, or Law, in L.A.-Area CSLB Sting
05/06/2013   CSLB Catches 15 Illegal Contractors in Hot, Gusty Desert Sting
04/29/2013   CSLB Hits Rich Vein in Gold Country with Unlicensed Contractor Stings
04/23/2013   Repeat Offenders Nabbed in Saturday El Dorado Hills Undercover Sting
04/11/2013   Unlicensed Contractors Nailed in Targeted El Dorado County Sting
04/04/2013   Two SoCal Men Added to CSLB’s Most Wanted List, One Arrested in Fresno
03/26/2013   Arrest Made in Scam Targeting CSLB Applicants, Licensees
03/18/2013   Contractors State License Board Cracks Down on Unlicensed Activity during California Blitz Operation
02/28/2013   Eight Unlicensed Contractors Caught in San Jose Neighborhood
02/28/2013   CSLB Looking for Additional Victims in Growing Monterey County Elder Abuse Case
02/23/2013   CSLB’s Oakdale Sting Turns Up DUI Violator, Illegal Contractors
02/19/2013   No Love Lost for Valentine’s Day Contracting Law Violators
02/19/2013   Contractors State License Board Investigation Leads to Arrest, Multiple Felony Charges in Multi-Million Dollar Case
01/31/2013   Contractors State License Board Busts Two in Kings County Who Should Have Known Better
01/25/2013   CSLB Undercover Sting in Fresno Targets Phony Contractors Advertising on Craigslist
01/22/2013   Former Unlicensed Contractor Helps CSLB Sting His Competition


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