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Step 2: Resolving a Judgment on Your Record

If you have satifisfied the judgment:

Provide proof of payment in one of the following ways:

  • Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment;
  • A notarized signed statement from the judgment creditor, which confirms the judgment has been paid in full; or
  • A copy of the front and back of a canceled payment check, CSLB will contact the judgment creditor to verify payment. You must include his or her phone number.

Tip symbol TIP If you cannot contact the person who holds the judgment, consult an attorney. In the case of a small claims judgment, you can speak with staff from the small claims court in which the judgment was filed.

If you feel that the judgment is unfair:

For whatever reasons, CSLB cannot override a decision made by the court in a civil judgment. You should consult an attorney or in the case of small claims, speak with the staff from the small claims court where the judgment was filed.

If you are appealing:

Your license will not be suspended if you submit a copy of the court-endorsed appeal with proof of a stay of enforcement.

If you filed for bankruptcy:

You must provide a copy of the bankruptcy filing, including the page from the creditors list on which the judgment creditor appears.

If you are unable to pay the full amount of the judgment:

You must work with the judgment creditor to reach an agreement on a schedule for payment. Submit a copy of the agreement to the CSLB Judgement Unit. Any agreement should include:

  • Amount of each payment;
  • Date that each payment is due;
  • When each payment is considered late; and
  • Signatures from all parties

Once received, the judgment suspension will be lifted. If the judgment creditor notifies CSLB that you failed to make payments, your license will be suspended immediately.

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